About the Company

CheeseCo is a Georgian-Austrian joint venture, specializing in quality cheese products produced with modern technology, according to European standards.   With the help of our professional Georgian team and an experienced German technologist, we aspire to set a standard for high-quality cheese with consistent taste and consistent quality of the entire production process.   Our key competitive advantage is consistent taste, quality, and affordable price.

  • Vision

    Our vision was to create cheese products that are up to international standards, like imported cheeses, but simultaneously affordable for the local consumer, for whom a wide array of cheese products is oftentimes an inaccessible luxury.

    Moreover, each recipe of Berghofer cheese products, which maybe accurately labeled as an adaptation of cheeses of foreign origin, has been carefully adapted to the local consumer’s taste.

  • Mission

    We aim to be a reliable industrial producer of cheese products that embraces local traditions and introduces Western expertise to the local market, guaranteeing consistent taste, quality and availability of our products—produced, packaged, and stored according to EU standards.

  • Values

    1. Reliability: being a reliable, consistent supplier of cheese products expected by our loyal customers is of utmost importance to us. Three fundamental aspects of the work we do are consistence of taste, consistence of quality, and consistence of supply.


    2. Quality: proud to be constantly setting high standards for quality of raw materials, production, storage, packaging, and all forms of communication with the consumer. The “factory-to-fork” system allows us to maintain consistent quality through every step of the process, ensuring the highest food safety levels and flavor, through constant communication with our customer to be up-to-date with their needs and wants.


    3. Innovation: we are proudly experimenting with a new direction in the field of industrial cheese production in Georgia, which, we are confident, will be appreciated by the Georgian consumer.



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